Queer battle prove just matters


Though how sad but bitter reality

Need to face trial of justifications

Tell merit of deed & deem desire

While live right sincere life ways


Unduly people be active advisers

Meddle for nothing & unconcern

Try dish out unwarranted advice

And turn nice moment in despair


Wonder get what sort of pleasure

Why & what benefit aim achieve

Disregard others rightful rights

To decide best thing concern self


If think for a moment & analyze

Sure will understand feel sorry

View how mean of own attitude

One should never adhere in life


Everybody bound be different

Under own pressure of states

Need not exhibit open for all

Have a look around as please


As all decide be nice to others

And wise feel positive outlook

World will become happy one

To live & let live life cordially


No one may writhe for nothing

Confront the useless struggles  

Save wasteful exercise to exist

Due to battle of right & wrong

Prove own points protect stand


Music now Playing "What have you done"

Composed & Played by John Torp


Used with Permission

Background "big1649.jpg" taken from



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