Reality of Rosy Picture


It is human nature to envisage

And paint the nice rosy picture

Of joyous state for self & dears

When hearty wishes turns true


It may charge the extra vigour

And enthusiasm to work hard

Achieve dream desire earliest

To dwell in best content of life


But things prove to be difficult

In actual light of bitter reality

Show happy tone rosy picture

Change to gloomy blue feeling


All sincere efforts seem to fail

And nothing likely move right

Whilst feel no promising ways 

Even if work hard ones might


That time only self confidence

And due faith in the Almighty

Sustain & inspire to continue

With endless enduring efforts


Wise to imagine & mind well

We may hope to be fortunate

Turn rosy life picture reality

But expect no surety of bless


None can predict in advance

Destiny may favour one day

Paint happy colours of heart

And wipe out darker shades


Music now Plying :-

"I am sorry that we can not stay together"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

Background "dddff623.jpg" taken from




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