Regard dignity of others

  Regard dignity of others


Regard dignity of others


Many seem have wrong idea

Believe the right live dignity

Only fortunate few can have

Whose life place sure bigger


Due to the superior situate

Of position, power, money

Means, competence, talent

Education, age, skin or sex


So also ability of authority

Give ruling control chance

Impose own utter as prefer

Believe evident usual right


And expect all the concern

Need understand & accept

Whether relate the relative

Or society, office & anyone


But mistake ignore dignity

Of others feel easy ill-treat

As their state look adverse

Permit oppose call trouble


Yet should remember well

All exist own shortcoming

And tough life of difficulty

But right wish self-respect


And bad compel any forgo

This only priceless wealth

All of us given as God gift

Judge makes no variation


So unwise suppose others

Inferior to self conditions

Or disregard own dignity

As time change the situate


Never give advance notice

And appear as destine fate

As bless wish for lucky life

Or punish for wrong done


Music now Playing  "Now let me tell you"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

Background by John Torp



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