Regards Follow Strength



Everybody desire regards

But few only be fortunate

To find that dream image

Turning the reality in life


Can relate to any concern

May be personal & social

Or official & commercial

Or any position of dignity


Clever ones foresee things

To envisage effective ways

And display higher merits

To acquire intended deals


However usually one fails

To move per needed pace

Due to fright of adversity

Or lack of definite ability


Self centered harsh norm

Respect strong controller

And ignore helpless weak

Or sensitive meek person 


Luck of Superiority bliss

Differ in Individual state

And depend on Situation

Allowing enjoyable right


As a matter of golden rule

Avoid telling woe torment

And hope to seek Support

But may result Disrespect


Wise way to be on Guard

Shifting agony in secrecy

And display brighter self

To avail regards Forever



Music now playing "Do you remember"

Composed and Played by John Torp

Used with permission  


Background “big1165.jpg” taken from



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