Regards only be Commanded


Prime rule of life flowing respect

Never be a simple routine matter

But always presumed be present

Existing like some of birth rights


Mistaken think negotiable thing

Settle with concern for anybody

Or imagine avail as festive gifts

During spell of charity gestures


Can not be purchased for price

Or find distributed as donation

Or appeal with begging prayer

Trust chance of given as favour


But really have to strive develop

Build over a period of sometime

When prove have special quality

Achieve the due place of honour


Moreover also remember well

Position self with dignity stand

Inspire people extend regards

Consider nice interaction feels


See & believe in logical belief

All desire valuable connection

None behaves show disregard

Unless feels own silent permit


Wake up & review own place

If fulfill intended wishes fine

Or view possible way to find

Control & fix flaws properly


If convinced beyond resolve

 Futile cry & wise learn bear

Regards never be demanded

They have to be commanded


Music now Playing "Do you remember"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

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