Reputation status

  Reputation status


Reputation status


Everybody desire & keen get

Respect of reputation forever

Whilst at home, be in society

Or office & associate anyone


Believe very important in life

And crucial attempt maintain

So as rightly picture continue

Present place among concern


Evident can earn after a long

Have spotless integrity in life

But probably ruin in no time

If slight lapse watch cautious


However no way easy guard

Dear dignity as always alert

See & smell any crafty ideas

Of outsiders & also relatives


Wait chance realize self gain

So try pressure kind nature

Expect seize support favour

Let cost the trouble to giver


Straight away then or later

If fail stand firm due belief

As carried away in feelings

Influence make-believe tale


And fall short daring deny

Concern ones or superiors

Suppose frustrate & upset

Fear how bad would react


At times as well look hard

Resist big gain temptation

When suffer critical want

As tense mind stoop offer


Or look extremely greedy

Choose compromise ideal

As least bother get expose

Assume will uphold secret


And even if come to light

Can refute blame charge

Feel have position power

Catch possible scapegoat


As such one may succeed

Hold the wish reputation

If lucky & spirit forebear

As withstand any trouble


Background by John Torp



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