Sad be a Book on shelf


Indeed bad state of life affairs

Find the worst of bitter reality

That living being with feelings

Get consider as life less article


May be play of circumstances

Destined in lot as misfortune

To have been placed unjustly

See no way out to improve it


May have lived the hard luck

Of endless trial of testing time

And facing of ill treated ways

Stimulate to continue silently


 May have turn one like stone

Sustain blow of harsh harms

Imagine no goodies of wishes

Ever chance grant any smiles


That approach suffer quietly

With the tenacity & humility

Allow others take advantage

And feel free to inflict insults


Whilst this situation happens

High time to wake up & think

Causes taking one for granted

Believe like piece of furniture


Then do not be weak & meek

Learn assert establish self say

And convey you also feel hurt

When viewed like book on shelf


Pick up enjoy as & when like

Set aside and open when wish

Sure reach hand at will again

Or throw away feel unwanted


Remember world is like that

None going to invite welcome

To offer the rightful due place

Unless can enforce own worth


 Music now Playing:-

"As I walk along the sea shore"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

Background by John Torp


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