Sake of Name & Fame in Life


  Sake of Name & Fame in Life


Sake of Name & Fame in Life



Common natural instinct with many

Exist driving force behind & inspire

Go beyond logic & do certain things

Since desire get name & fame in life


Scared might affect the self position

Force is silent though suffer witness

Wrong deeds & display displeasure

Leave alone wish initiate any action


Spirit to stretch self to any extends

Overlook natural constrains of life

Amid all compelling responsibility

Care dependent family & own self


In mad run seek praise all around

Even forget feel fortune of blesses

Ignore nice time chances & health

This might get lost & never return


Selfless services to support welfare

Of others help live comfortable life

Assume regarded taken as granted 

And be like birth rights get forever


Sure spoil one feels everything easy

Much depend & always demanding

As much may give but never satisfy

So be helpless to resolve & set right


Own motto do anything at any cost

To have honourable state in society

Prove as be no good in the long run

But be only harmful to all concerns


Wise to remember & mind well too

Anything that is done in excess

 Is always oppose to the Nature

Reduce value of added favour

And increases the burden



Music now Playing "There goes my everything"

Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

Background by John Torp




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