Salutation to Doctors


Wondering why

We think of

Celebrating only

One day as

The Doctorsí Day


Since your selfless

Services along

 Desired kind help

Be there for all

Round the Clock


If & whenever

Urgently called up

You respond well

Grant your support

To sufferers at once


Even by ignoring

Own rest or peace

And personal life

Wish care & treat

With the smiles


You keep studying

To search out

New innovations

Of the treatment

To benefit patients


While young student

Feel tired effort

For getting degree

Though how hard

Availed admission


You silently promise

Anxious recovery of

Concern patient

And hope to nears

As pacify the panic


Is sad one forgets

How important

Be your words

And the decision

On crucial time


I strongly believe

The Doctors are

Like living Angels

Work for Almighty

Help the mankind


So we are grateful

With sincere regards

Give warm Salute

Not one day alone

But Everyday!





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