See how I Suffer


It is indeed my hard luck to see

What I had never imagined so

To face in even wildest dream

Though always fear of my fate


Today you no more seem have

Any feeling of concern for me

And moved in the new world

But I am still waiting for you


If for a moment please think

Sure will see my heart bleed

And breathe in untold agony

With tensed sigh of the grief


How I wish had there be way

Tear open my heart to show

Dearly engraved your image

Reveal my sentiment for you


I have got no power or right

To influence your mind wish

But feel my despair anxiety

Find cause lead change you


Pray sincerely your welfare

With crave for you my Love

Wish now my heart be stone

Or receive my exit call soon



Music now Playing:

"Tell me why your love for me has gone"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission



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