Self Control


  Self Control


Self Control


Easy do agree feel got to have

Be usual all seem possess that

But reality of truth gets reveal

Whilst miserable testing crisis


Observe how one incline react

Cope with surprising situation

Whether easily get taken over

By helpless feel of frustration


Or display amazing willpower

As show well composed nature

Evaluate condition and decide

Essential actions help remedy


Mishap might be ill-fated time

Or result of unknown mistake

Can outcome of careless lapse

Or could be self invited cause


Restless and impatient person

Loose self control be panicky

Start curse self upset in agony

And device inflict self penalty


But if sure only others at fault

God alone may save such soul

Help suffer harsh punishment

As appear no way seek pardon


Situation might look get worst

If inclined by fury of the anger

With superiority feel of power

Prove can expect tough action


Whereas one with self control

Decide see things in right feel

See no merit condemn anyone

Since one go wrong as human


And attempt ascertain reason

To have arise sudden trouble

Also consider due adjustment

Make amend recover damage


Also lead affected in distress

Assist resolve & coping with

The calamity in diligent way

And try control added harm


Moreover be great courage

Decline unfair corrupt way

Resist easy gain temptation

And pursue honest attitude


As such self control is talent

Live God gift or self develop

Chance possesses & practice

Face blow hit self & concern

But wish live rightful esteem



Music now Playing "Walk for peace"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

Background by John Torp



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