Self Respect



Desired & hearty wish of everyone

Regardless of any position & place

Enjoy as Rightful Deserved Rights

Or undue expectation to command


Exploit & seek intended wish ways

Contrary to logical conduct norms

Sustain & overlook inflicted insults

And diminish Dignity to disregards


Taken as Ideal for ego satisfactions

And misused to promote own stand

Trying to move Self-gain situations

And succeed to Fulfill dear dreams


Standing on harmful Prestige Wish

Or extend respect to invisible force

Nothing can prove always effective

Since governed by only play of fate


We are subjected to unknown Rule

But Fortune can not be Questioned

Ironically queer but holding power

To Permit or Deprive Self Respect!



Music now playing "Nature's Lament "

Quietude Midis from Dolphins Dream

Used with Permission


Background "lgren051.jpg" taken from



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