Shouting express own feels


  Shouting express own feels


Shouting express own feels


Many think be the best effective way

If can shout all the might stress point

Overpower others say & prevail own

Be heard first & appreciate how vital


So as well use some accompaniments

Like bang, throw or break things too

Beside insulting words of bad abuses

And sound loud cry of helpless place


Convey unjust wrong done feels hurt

Watch involve concern live heartless

Emerge selfish have no value of mine

And think disregard though me right


As well coolly forget all kind favours

See take no time ill-treat make upset

So wish some attention from hearers

Excite interfere give support as help


But in reality can not happen in life

And appear momentary satisfaction

As see a few gather feel just curious

So witness for a while & walk away


With a laugh think seem how mad

Create the public view by shouting

As outsider have no say settle issue

Also wise logic let concern sort out   


Again strange a few feel must shout

With anger hammer hard the want

Else none may take require crucial

And overlook weight of order given


But all have got own temperament

So no pressure style effect careless

And can expect sincere ones effort

Do things fine & per wish priority


Also image as devise save own skin

After done wrong or neglect things

But crafty enough never like admit

So simply shout trick refuse blame


But sooner or later got face reality

As nothing remain hidden forever

Establish due charge of clear fault

Then no tactics help getaway guilt 


Truly shout urge express the wish

Is sign of weakness fret own place

With feel of insecurity of due hold

Be in house, society & office stand


As powerful ones of rightful right

And wise make & convey decision

Be polite & feel respect for others

Sure get support exist with smiles



Music now Playing "You are not alone"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

Background by John Torp




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