Show business Sinks


Much usual tendency with many

Desire hides true state of the life

With aspire level best to showoff

Toward no where be near reality


Clear purpose to convey & pose

Hold position no less than them

Get wished place of the respect

Amid expected high recognition


Could concern anything in life

Be ability capacity & tenacity

Or be aptitude of competence

Or strength of money & place


Try to overlook obvious result

And strive ones might in futile

So as to get wanted fulfillment

Though know is beyond reach  


In order to continue false state

Of all the pretended hypocrisy

Earlier or later bound be curse

When twist heavy to withstand


That would create dejected life

Cause indulge in harmful ways

Think might escape & save self

Also improve hurting adversity


But the calculation goes wrong

And in fact add the new misery

All own blunders who to blame

And feel lost think any solution


Truth tends to reveal & expose

Reality of concealed conditions

Ruin all make-believe makings

Call disgust distrust & distress


Sensible see ultimate outcome

Before plan the show business

And desire to live prudent way

Respect & value live own state

Have peace & happiness in life


Music now Playing :-

"I do like to remember"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

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