Signal of forthcoming reality

  Signal of forthcoming reality


Signal of forthcoming reality


Believe be the law of nature

Plan somehow sound signal

Of the forthcoming moment

Emerge be as destine reality


Though the related concern

People may or not be smart

As recognize the given sign

Expect likelihood find arise


And even if may grasp also

Seem too good trust as true

Despite crave & pray be so

And logic can wishful wish


Of amazing lovely surprise

Satisfy the awaited longing

Or just reflect dream desire

Of near & dear craft happy


Similarly can spot warning

Hint arise in unusual shape

As imply grip the attention

Indicate the bad life situate


Base as worrying condition

Feel own trouble or suggest

Severe life risk for dear one

So strive best what possible


But mind look refuse admit

Likely terrible news on way

So think ignore as only fear

Wish such thing not happen


As well some time can hear

Sound of inner voice signal

Inspire or stop do some act

As if foresee the result well


Yet no guarantee of benefit

When sense victim of nasty

Or play of the destiny blow

Craft helpless handle harm


As such we are given some

Advance notice signal buzz

Expect find good time soon

Or prepare hear cruel fact


Music now Playing "time tick"

Background by John Torp



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