Silence amounts to Speech


Many times silence is golden rule

But have the danger turn vice too

That also needs to remember well

And select the ideal stand of states


Can taken to mean the agreement

On whatever matters is discussed

And will be the action plans soon

Involve & affect the interest of all


Can be regarded as silent permits

Behave badly fear no punishment

 And dare inflict insult of ill treats

Also force own desired commands


Can treat as admit levied charges

And nothing to say in self defence

So suitable action can duly follow

Set an example fear the discipline


Can imagine goodness of kindness

And sincerity of all loving feelings

As own superior position to please

While not likely to desire displease


Can suggest consent to conspiracy

Against somebody to take revenge

Also safely deny own hand behind

If strategy happens to get exposed


Can take one for granted tolerate

Hurt of unjust deals of disregard

As suppose to have no self respect

When be weak, sick & dependent


Silence may confuse many things

So must state stand loud & clear

Agree to own share of obligation

But oppose be fixed as scapegoat


Show concerns to be nice & wise

Whilst intend to interact & deals

Since you too have the own place

Sure to react suitably if feel hurt


So let silence donít speak adverse


Music now Playing "Sometimes"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with permission

background by John Torp

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