Silent Expressions Speak



Sound queer way of conversing

If no words needs to be uttered

But still convey intended desire

And express the meant message


This hidden easy powerful way

 Like God grace on living being

Be humans, animals and birds

Given as wonderful magic gift


Facilitate the communications

Between the same class group

Or even different living group

To share felt feelings & wishes


May narrate negative emotion

Of displeasure of hurt feelings

Or show positive feeling of joy

 On chanced fortune of goodies


The words may fail to convey

Apt message to the Receivers

Due to usage of wrong words

And omissions of right words


This condition likely to arise

When ever one is taken over

 By burst of intense emotions

On many occasion of the life


However language of silence

As seen on mere expressions

Speak definite spirit of mind

And be eloquent than speech



Music now playing "Sometimes"

Composed and Played by John Torp

Used with permission


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