Sleepless Nights



Very thoughts of this eventuality

Make one feel upset & unhappy

With fear of bearing the burden

Of disturbed scheduled Routine


Human biological rhythm Need

Certain sleep to relax & recoup

Lost energy in hard days work

To start the refreshed next day


However this system disrupted

By many due to various reason

Some within or beyond control

Depending on inducing factors


Can be joy of unhealthy Habits

Like partying, outing, chatting

Or watch program, read novel

And such activities of Pleasure


Can be job related compulsion

Or extending professional help

Working to achieve some Goal

Or to resolve emergency event


Can be nursing of near & dear

Or suffering of personal health

Might be any worry & anxiety

Or suppress emotional tension


Let the causes be genuine ones

Or be avoidable waking needs

Sure to inflict some health toll

Since good night Sleep is must



Music now playing "Sleep my dear"

Composed and Played by John Torp

Used with permission  


Background “big1529.jpg” taken from




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