Small action of big value


  Small action of big value


Small action of big value


Most of the time one may pay

Least attention does small act

Sense will give great pleasure

Though need very little effort


Seem only question of desire

Want to please own & others

With timely acts on occasion

No matter relation tag or not


What important is a thought

Of due action imply concern

That you have been in mind

As I remember feel with you


Just think give a phone call

Send mail or go personally

Share joy of pleasant event

And wish good- luck follow


See what a delight on face

When one hear kind words

Congrats, well done, bravo

And feel how fine as lucky


Likewise easy make others

Feel glad as nod head a bit

When greet with smile say

Hi- hello or bye & pass by


Again may be small words

Tell someone ‘thank you’

‘I think of you’, ‘Waiting

Meet you’ or ‘I miss you’


Sure convey hearty feeling

Show hold sincere respect

Have value for interaction

And wish always continue


At times may happen hurt

Someone though not mean

So pacify say ‘Forgive me’

‘Sorry’ or ‘Beg pardon me’


Mostly help lessen annoy

With offend reason upset

As well imagine humility

Of other side & condone


Simple kind words effect

Magic support to sufferer

Boost up the low feelings

And find courage of hope


When hear ‘We need you’

 ‘I will pray’ or ‘Love you’

Arouse hope wish recover

Think be required person


Not hard to predict exact

Words & act touch heart

And lift up missing spirit

Besides just make happy



Music now Playing "Gentle wind"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

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