Smile away your Pain


  Do you remember


Smile away your Pain


So what if life doesnít seem kind

And nothing appear happen right

Not to frustrate but keep patience

And wait till bad time pass away


Be sure no time can stay for long

Whether be nice & hope continue

Or so terrible that wish disappear

But things change only if be due


So what if you find nice chances

Donít come to you & disappoint

As see go to others time & again

But appreciate destined that way


Always tend visit the right ones

And so useless cry who is given

What opportunity be how good

Faith Power above know better


So what if life is hard challenge

Amid suffer miserable situation

If can think God may be testing

Ability achieve the dream wish


So what if none can understand

You & your sincere action well

Though is in evident good faith

Continue alone as brave soldier


So what if could not pass exam

May be efforts werenít enough

Accept that have result failure

Can attempt again aim succeed


So what if face financial crisis

Ups & down for some reasons

Usual & can recover carefully

Also explore new way to earn


So what if ill health upsetting

Concern self or near-dear one

We can just run, care & spend

Get treatment & pray get well


So what if who you love a lot

Doesnít feel that way for you

Respect wish of the other side

And leave it to fate what best


So what if destiny is helpless

Grant things you are longing

Wise learn live own lot ideal

And grasp bliss of happiness


As such each problem of life

May be resolve or withstand

If have daring & intense will

Move things realize as desire

And aim smile away the Pain



Music now Playing "Feeling fine"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

Background by John Torp




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