Someday everything be Useless


  Someday everything be useless


Someday everything be Useless


What a bitter reality of the life

Every one know more or less

Be sure to occur since none has

Any power to control as please


That authority only God have

Decide when & for whom all

To send what kind return call

Also chart how fast be given


That feared day arrive sudden

When be predestine to fall due

And does not come by request

Or never leave hear pleading


And not partial see difference

Of status, cast, age, sex, talent

Or health & essential roll play

Amid impact of money power


As that dreaded D Day come

To take concern person away

No treatment seem effect fine

Even if strive doing anything


Can make out invisible signal

Takeoff soul heavenly abode

Thus depart all & everything

Live near-dear & cruel time


In this strange flight nobody

To go with & no baggage too

No money wallet be allowed

As also the own earthly body


Can find the precious assets

Effort hard to build to wish

Look move away from eyes

But so helpless do anything


Own high education, talent

Position command respect

Or lovely look of attraction

Nothing hold value see end


But then too late as realize

The certainty of mortal life

And sorry keep futile pride

As insult others deal unfair


Wise remember mind well

No one on earth immortal

Also nothing can go along

Proved be useless someday


However if may care earn

Invisible asset of good deed

Find favour in later birth

Also be in hearts of many

After bid good-bye world



Music now Playing "Faraway"

Composed & Played by John Torp

 Used with Permission

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