Strange reality of life


  Strange reality of life


Strange reality of life


We come across unexpected experience

As proceed diverse state of life journey

Seem amazing bliss live sweet memory

Or been shocking basis bitter memory


May locate some have no mind of own

See start dance tune played by anyone

Not realize if spot support useless way

Clear close best relation be sorry then


In sharp contrast some wise look have

Own belief vision form logical decision

And dare stand firm nothing can force

Revise mind fright harm own position


Silent nice people often believed mild

Initiate action show how deeply upset

Forget if annoy decide suitable action

Never may have imagine make effect


We may think no reason anyone want

Interfere & wish do things plan upset

But few stupid be glad if others suffer

So mean mind work idea aim trouble


Some people seem be funny & crafty

Grumble & white lie suffer injustice

From own concern attract sympathy

Hide own invite canít help pay price


At times can find who we trust most

Seek help in misery pretend consent

And vanish hastily getaway promise

Picture true colour of deceptive face


Though all are not like only that type

So also find some sincere nice people

Appear as living Angel gift bliss help

On who can rely request any support


Then believe require no relation tag

That is given maybe look name sake

Until may prove worthy as live up to

Unaware who all meant exist related


Whether existing blood related ones

Who be on & off only seem as whim

Or new connect during the life span

Appear feel as own close live expect


Again we may love someone intense

But must logic can be no guarantee

Beloved likewise & respect what be

Not so crazy react try harmful hurt


As such easy watch strange reality

Of life be many as lessons can wise



Music now Playing "I never saw"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

Background by John Torp




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