Suffering lead Solution



In built natural instinct with all

To look for the comfortable life

And strive ones best to continue

With struggles free happy living


But the balance of blessed status

Or the acquired place of content

Suddenly get affected & disrupt

Due to likely & unknown causes


Reasons may be contingent ones

And play of Fate beyond control

This has got to forbear in silence

And pray for the mercy of relief


Can be self invited out of lapses

And careless handling of things

Or be baseless feared sufferings

Right attitude can easily resolve


May be hard hit hardships time

Of apparent No recourse Hopes

Stimulate inspiration of solution

And possible headway visualizes


The desire of betterment delight

Find ways of tackling Adversity

Or suffering become Ineffective

Due to endless endurance in life


This last resort solution of nature

Be blessed to all as Grace of God

And helpless human rest in peace

With some Solution of Sufferings




Music now playing "Do you remember"

Composed and Played by John Torp

Used with permission


Background by John Torp


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