Suspicions spoil the life

  Suspicion spoil the life


Suspicions spoil the life


Look very strange but the reality

Mark few be in bad habit appear

Amid the suspicious attitude only

And boast sight others mind easy


Let relate anyone for that matter

Live own family member, friends

Any of society, office or unknown

Need pass through imagine check


Believe no risk of feasible trouble

Base harm to self interest & state

Sure feel vital & ought to protect

Since all are jealous can aim ruin


And false feel of high self-esteem

Picture everyone black & wrong

Also seem lie as hide some secret

As want serve own selfish motive


So determine device hurtful way

Penalize harsh show have power

Fix fate of anyone occur connect

Even least doubt of distrust feels


Thus keep a close watch all time

Try see & hear affair by chance

And easy belief story tell by any

Also ignore find truth of matter


And source worst of wild impact

If happen suspect own near ones

Though there be no right reason

Provoke inflict such unjust treat


And anxiety of over domination

Along enforce only awful ruling

Can tempt hatred upshot revolt

As only way expect can live free


Thence may realize the blunder

Create undue scare of calamity

Also terror of offensive dealing

Stop upset after a point of time


And if don’t act cruel as loving

Also no daring might try resist

Then may move rather suicide

Or God mercy early exit relief


When be left alone sense regret

As price inflict unfair raw-deal

Simply base on suspicion craze

Not worry hit hard to innocent


Later on be useless feel repent

Or even vow self-styled punish

Recall what wrong occur done

Result face tragedy of life now


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Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

Background by John Torp




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