Tale of Tears



Suppose to be Sign of Weakness

And short falling inner Strength

Making one helpless & Hopeless

To withstand whatever in strides


But it is natural God gifted Bless

Empowered to release & Reduce

Burst of excessive inner Feelings

And promote Necessary Balance


Reflect sincerely Felt Sentiments

Be happy or sad Event Moments

Subjected to Success or Failures

Concerning Self or Near & Dear


Show joyous esteemed Greetings

Or anxiety & agony of Fortitude

Express untold hearty happiness

Or tell suppressed deep Sorrows


At times Used as a Powerful Tool

To avail desired attention & Care

For seeking Sympathy & Support

To get preferred Intended Favors


Indicate intense heartache of hurt

Or fears of loosing precious Place

Exhibit heats of Anger or Waiting

Or dejection of frustrating plights



Music now playing “Far Away”

Composed & played by John Torp


Used with permission




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