Talking to Self


  Do you remember

Talking to Self


Look be our common experience

Be the natural feeling to come up

All the time as interact to anyone

As talk casual or important thing


Suppose must outlet instant feel

Converse with own self silently

Express reaction to way of treat

Think nice or unjust to surprise


Be caring guide prompt at once

Decide what right stand to take

If be possible or suggest accept

And wait until see good chance


It is so wonderful state as think

So easy admit mistake & cause

Or may complain unfair hurts

That is difficult to tell anybody


Also the only source of solace

Find courage while in distress

Induce have faith in Almighty

Set thing right effect recovery


Act as consultant and suggest

Way decide control problems

Be secretary remind schedule

Of work to take-up due when


Can share delight of pleasure

And smile when feel cheerful

Feel something realize wishes

But without let anyone watch


Always be friendly company

Never feel all alone any time

Chat as long might hope will

Also be silent if not essential


As such this helpful process

Of ‘Talking to self’ be good

Though seldom one may see

The importance of existence



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Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

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