Taste of advice


  Taste of advice


Taste of advice


Usual experience force believe

Advice taste bitter no one like

And hope get rejected at once

Outcome only useless attempt


However appear how obvious

Sound intend be concern feel

Desire benefit of the receiver

And stand on rich experience


But more often than not incite

Instant refusal slip-up believe

Try bossing & encroach upon

Right what do or donít please


Can ego clash threat if accept

Undermine own control place

Of authority see dare affected

And be question in future also


Think be awful observe selfish

Seem invite threat of calamity

As blind see land in hot water

Whilst jump red signal advice


Also meet a few crafty people

Pause look how ignorant only

Thus tempt give caring advice

See as fun play hidden motive


Intend deceive serve self gain

And if happen can get caught

Along risk of loosing position

Cry beg sympathy ask mercy


As well hurting reality of life

Find a few seem in bad habit

Appear glad dish-out advices

Not bother sound how stupid


Cause laughter like only joke

Suppose horrible life attitude

And like disgrace to seniority

As fail grip respect of dignity


Again can see some specimen

Who wish ride on two horses

Sure hazard harm & failure

As adamant hear any advice


Maybe there be strong reason

Overlook the advice of others

Intend hide own idea of merit

But desire reveal at right time


Expect prior critics may envy

See wonderful state of dream

And wise consider nice advice

As have happiness bliss in life


This way may classify & taste

Sweet or sour life experience

When offer or receive advice

Depend on wisdom of person



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Composed & Played by John Torp

 Used with Permission

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