Tenacity of Tolerance



  Tenacity of Tolerance


Tenacity of Tolerance


Indeed toughest testing time

Try the trial of ones patience

To endure & sustain adverse

Situation & see the solutions


May pertain to gloomy state

Of self or concern own ones

For things within or beyond

Ones purview some way out


At every stage & walk of life

We need to struggle proceed

And succeed avail least little

Leave alone any big matters


So easy disappoint & accept

Defeat & give up due efforts

And start self pity wish help

Think hard to bear the state


True the different problems

Call for the related intensity

Of endurance power to face

But each endowed own feels


Be that mild irritating ones

To grave source of concern

Nothing impossible to cope

Also tackle with tactful way


Left to the individual choice

Decide to sit and cry in vain

Or gather the inner strength

Also determines to deal duly


We never know till tries out

Move confident fulfill desire

Amaze have hidden tenacity

Higher the level better it is

Can glimpse workable way


Music now Playing "Just keep on going"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

Background by John Torp




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