Terrible effect of beating


We all must have witnessed & also possibly experienced the frightful helpless feel undergoes the ill-treatment of the beating. Maybe while childhood or can at any age if fated to place adverse. It can be in different degree of small injury to cruel hurt inflict by the egoist superior when get angry & displease see refuse or ignore what is told to do or not do. So, try prove own position, power & authority upshot the sad result of daring disobey.


There is mistaken idea prevail with many in dominant capacity as parents, teachers, guardians, institutional heads, even any of ruling family members or one with traditional verdict powers to control associates, subordinates & attached people of the society.


They look believe in thrashing like a brutal if involved one fails to goby the given instructions as if committed a big crime. That seem only impulsive & per mood of the moment. And think they are doing them good teach right things & will stop bad behaviour in their view.


But sadly forget that inhuman treatment can never do any good to any for sure & in fact arose revolt attitude decide go against what is told so can irritate, though suffer harsh punishment then. As no advice even if maybe in self interest can ever reach the close mind & heart which is working react in rage of painful insult. That may as well turn a few stubborn acts wild to show disgust & oppose in fury forget damage own future.


And some turn timid introvert due to the grave no healing sorrow if once face or witness own one bear the torture of harsh beating. The physical wound may heal with time & treatment later but the emotional trauma of blow on the soul remain live forever. In fact make them live lifeless like a machine has no personal interest or excitement at all. A few also be the psychic patient ruin life. And some though manage to live normal but always grieve past bitter experience in silence of lone moments.


In fact the whim heat of thrashing, happen to cross all limits so the grievous hurt bleed badly land hospital. And in some unfortunate cases may result lose limbs, eyes or whatever body part hit upon. Moreover, in rare cases affect bring an untimely end of life.


Nobody in proper sense of mind would ever approve & adhere to the idea of beating for any reason. If may see, leave alone young ones & adults, even a small child feel bad & cry hell when subjected to a bit simple smack. One thing is certain that all desire due respect & kind treatment of interaction. Besides the law of the land too prohibit & punish cruel act by any.


Anything & everything if in interest of good feels can be nicely explain & convince about the merit of benefit with the chance of being heard if disagree. There maybe some logical genuine reason for hesitation to accept, refusal or inability do expected thing. If so, must have heart to duly understand without any ego clash. The amicable co-existence between all kind connect is essential for the healthy relationship. Then only peace & happiness can prevail for all concern. Life is really beautiful bliss why to spoil.


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