The mind wanders


  The mind wanders


The mind wanders


Many a times human mind seem

Wander think in much dilemma

Choose just right option in hand

As be impatient & quite anxious


Over some crucial matter of life

Affect own interest frame future

Or effect life of own dependents

And be only way admit decision


Living seem a hard testing time

Be in two mind wish either way

As both look alike upshot suffer

Also be helpless before own feel


Watch sudden adverse position

Result surprising ill-fated blow

Force feels tough action as best

And guide waver mind act firm


Though upset mind feel wander

Find basis source that calamity

Like forever effect of any crisis

And be sad if none of own fault


No one likes bear wrong blame

When not even aware of things

May have arise in own absence

And look made responsible too


Then insult feel bound wander

 In agony & wait trace the way

As chance defend the self state

And sound image liable people


At times one takes rash action

Use authority against innocent

As forget sight merit of matter

Also inflict unjust punishment


But a day arise as eyes opener

Realize had behave how cruel

For petty or not worth reason

But then too late make amend


So when gaze alone in silence

Inner mind start sense regret

And wander in past live again

As seek forgiveness from God


Likewise greed of quick gain

Can attract move wrong way

But sooner or later pay price

Base ruin life feel self-hatred


Can as well find some people

Always prove unsteady mind

As their mind jump from one

Wish way to other want soon


Incline tryout diverse options

And decide swing the set goal

But fall short attain anything

So end up live just frustrated


As such vital grip due control

 On normal mind wander pull

Though seem difficult prevail

But may succeed if determine



Music now Playing " If could have my way"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

Background by John Torp



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