Think as you Please


Welcome to say what you like

Also think me be as you wish

After all obvious is your right

And I do understand that well


Call me always too particular

About smallest matters of life

With alert of respect the time

But that is my way sees things


Think me as strict task master

Not compromise work results

Nor accept careless behaviour

While got high discipline value


Feel me unduly much tolerant

Bear unjust treats & adversity

Regard please & protect dears

Have right follow own feelings


Seem disinterested in enjoying

Fooling & play around like all

What a lifeless life living ways

Forget choices of liking differs


Intend independent life styles

Strive hard to achieve success

And find state of dream vision

Be real wisdom forgo easy life


Stand & fight for tough rights

Not only for self but others too

Tempt criticisms & heartaches

Disregard invites much tension


Display the height of courage

Face & defeat any misfortune

Basis suffer burdensome time

None may appreciate sacrifice


Believe be excessive sentimental

Amid very deep sincere feelings

Useless in the calculative world

Imagine such individual mental


Here are many surprising thing

Difficult & beyond imagination

Sight reason why I am like that

So free think as you may please


Never know like misfit product

Exist as creation mistake of fate


Music now Playing "Lonely palm"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

Background "dddf285.jpg" taken from


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