Truth is stranger than fiction


  truth is stranger than fiction


Truth is stranger than fiction


Be normal experience with us all

Find hard to make out the reality

Of the matters under big question

At the different points of life span


Vision what be right & be wrong

From the narrate version of both

Sure only one can be telling fact

And other one trick cook-up lies


Unfortunately the truth be plain

In rather raw state look difficult

Can believe feel possible happen

In the likely life situation of any


And oblige explanation support

Also call for the sufficient proof

Justify & convince the listeners

About own true place & reason


Yet may or not succeed attempt

If hid reality secret since a long

For whatever be the valid cause

Want save related or been force


Whereas the lie & the liars look

So crafty device the great story

Put in tasty spices make moving

And sound right attract support


Also succeed desired sympathy

Instigate hearer logic how poor

Deprive rightful justice so long

And suffer in silence exist kind


And result the majority opinion

Move in favour as could expect

Feel no need verify claim made

Sense there can illusory picture


Adjust reality faraway & serve

Selfish motive as brainwash all

And the best part is hope rarely

May threat get expose in future


But sad blunder think content

Feel be how bright fool others

As one day bound get come up

And truth will shine prove lies


Then see no place as runaway

Save face escape hard hatred

From all corners see get trap

Also no way help beg pardon



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Composed & Played by John Torp

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