Unaware life Entry & Exit time


  Unaware life Entry & Exit time


Unaware life Entry & Exit time


How absurd some think have power

Decide when want arrive this world

Or can cause exist when wish at will

As sure devise way result successful


This false super ego of self - esteem

Can basis of money power, position

In society & family or official place

Believe have authority signify to all


Enjoy power act be God decide fate

Of incident obey own desire upshot

Birth or force end life as look want

Affect self, related or be otherís life


Blind realize none have such power

Since that control be with only God

Decide time & life term of each one

Destined fall due birth & got to exit


Regardless of favour or against any

Due to live in the different life state

As a few show fortunate exist bless

And some lead life of just hard luck


Still none can ever interfere & alter

Bound fate chart of supreme power

Relating self or others in command

With hope may fulfill whim & wish


And if happen take liberty at times

Succeed discard the life some way

Like evils victory over good sense

But sure pay for here or later life


So wise feel own place in humility

Be glad if live lucky but not egoist

And be brave & bold but not nasty

While suffer difficulty of bad time


None know who may be bless find

Birth when & where for how long

Thus why waste current gift of life

Finish own life or danger anybody


But rational endeavor live as best

Realize the life happy & peaceful

And aim be kind helpful to others

Until here & later live in memory


As such be positive of Godís wish

Decide our entry & exit in world



Music now Playing "If you only could be here again"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission




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