Unknown future planning


Planning play very important role expect achieve the set target in mind. That can be for short term small matters of the day today life or be the big dear dream wish picture of the long term state attains sooner or later in the future life. Maybe concern self, own closely related or dependent ones at personal level or pertain to the aim of the own work & business goals or relate to the charge of the office assignments & projects responsibility  for the smooth functioning & ultimately help complete the overall target of the organization.


Nothing can work fine & well within the set time limits unless there is the clear, perfect & rationally drawn detailed planning of the guidelines of the way to proceed, checkpoints & the suitable solution if face some problems but without make much loss of resources, efforts & extra time require.  


In fact for practically each & everything we naturally keep planning & hope turn out fine feels glad then. Though only time can tell later on that happen how good be happily successful or wrong one cause failure feel despair. And then decide further due course of action. Also learn the lesson hard way analyze if the fault was through over confidence, undue trust or mistake through oversight or really own making so the nature’s law of justice had penalize pay the price.


Again there is no guarantee of even best of the most careful right plan will materialize. We think it can’t fail us at all. At that time we seem easy overlook the vital & crucial factor called ‘Fated future’ & ‘Longevity’. Both always remain unknown & appear take one unaware. In a just matter of a moment everything comes to a halt & we can do nothing about that. Nobody knows what is in store for self even next moment, leave alone distant future time.


Yet we have no option but to run this risk of uncertainty & continue decide what to do when, how & expect what outcome. Also weave the dream desires & strive best to achieve that aim. In the today’s world of full of struggles we need to plan for even least of the routine things along important ones. So that all activities flow the schedule of priority attention, work smart save time & energy & please see result fruitful.


Never mind if the ill fated destiny may want play a trick & succeed spoil the nice plan as intend to inflict the suffering of hard luck. But at least can’t take away the satisfaction of having done own best & strong determination of the will find some different ways to attempt again till be successful.


Moreover, why to worry about the sudden return call from above force all unfinished plans end abruptly. Truly makes just no difference after make the exit, as anything here is worthless then. Maybe would affect the behind concern ones badly but they have got accept that reality. And when find some respite after a few days, either can plan takeover & continue if possible & think profitable or choose shut down. But anyway, can sense not be the lookout of the departed soul for sure. 



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