Unwise hide truth


Some people are in the habit of cleverly hide the truth by say something round about or try divert the issue on altogether different topic. At times pretend be too busy to reply or cry unjust distrust force the other side leave the topic though want know the detail so as not affect the good relation.


The matter can be minor or major & crucial on which rest the course of action against the one at fault & due justice for the right one. But some seem crafty enough to cook-up the convincing story hide the truth save self & succeed shift the blame on someone else think the matter got over then. And look made own position stand secured. This is the common experience with us all on many occasions in life concern the official & personal matter require undue struggle & trail of strength prove hidden truth.


The purpose of hiding fact can be harmless innocent think not hurt the feelings of the related concern fear will breakdown if hear the bitter reality since affect personal life, position or ruin the dream so prefer keep the secret unlike own nature. And expect maybe known sooner or later some way, till then let there be peace.


In sharp contrast to this situation, more often than not people try all way hide the truth if suspect may hamper self interest of dear gains exist comfortable as desire. Also fear of the harsh punishment drop confidence & reliability alter status, may prompt hide the fact of mistake made through oversight or out of negligence. But err forget that the truth does get reveal one day expose the deceit leave no room escape charge.


Some time we may as well see that a few attempts hide the truth to save someone related or under the compelling threat of involved selfish superior or due to the feel of impulsive pressure of past obligation on self oblige remain silent though suffer be the scapegoat against wish & undergo the penalty.  


Many a times people look make a mess of important things out of ignorance, rashness, ego measures or even due to strange reasons & upshot the detrimental effect for self & all concern but later have no courage to admit be own liability result the trouble as issue of pride. So decide hide the truth & tell all lies hope none will ever know the truth expect be lucky.


However nothing like follow the policy of the honesty & be ready faces the outcome when admit fact. And satisfy at least regarded as the person of sincerity & integrity. Maybe get condoned if reason looks genuine one. In any case better not live in the fools’ paradise imagine truth will continue stay behind the dark clouds of lies, as it is bound to come to light picture true colour of the matter. As such, wise never intend hide the truth.  


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