Vacant Chair




I believe wherever you may be now having eternal peace of heart & mind free from all the worldly pain & problems no more bother you even in the least. Also feel risen above all attachment of any kind association & nice relations you had shared with all of us & used to be happy & unhappy feel concern as caring person.


I know well is the universal truth that whoever arrive here are bound to depart on unknown predestine day for any reason & none have the power to stop that fact, howsoever may desperately desire. Also pray God with begging plea, take any hard vows as well hope find the request grant but nothing look have any use & place.


And force soon witness the ill-fated cruel reality of life see Near and Dear ones leave the world when life term show ending, source the feeling of void & agony of separation forever as none can ever fill the empty place of anybody since live one and only.


The time is passing-by with sunrise & set in the evening day after day as routine law of nature, but looking at your vacant chair heart becomes heavy feel your big loss yet can do nothing about as helpless mortal human here & imagine how powerless you too effect ease the pain though perhaps move in sympathy from your different position now.


However, I am sure you do view my obvious misery & stressful state like the undercurrent flow which let others canít see but exist all the time. I think of you & remember with gratitude your every kind gestures of care & concern wish give any necessary help support with smiles in your unique ways though maybe very busy with many of own work & expect no return also.


Today you have gone away from the world but continue to dwell in my heart cherish the sweet memories of our blessed moments of association that happen destined in our luck. I have also stored in mind all your helpful lessons of guidance remind difficult intricate computer programs run my website fine. I have as well treasured all your music compositions like precious jewels & relief keep playing in your memory but feel sorry think will have no more chance of any addition to that wealth.  


Now you are not there to ask me what I have done for the day, tell me how my new web page have turn out or need a bit correction if any, show some new way make my web pages look different, resolve any program difficulty, worry whenever feel unwell, share feels when glad or sad over any matter concern me & mine & be with me like kind guardian, teacher & noble-minded friend though geographically live thousands of km faraway in different country.


Similarly, now my email inbox is starving miss your mails & no MSN message popup to connect us both & chance chat a while on so many things for the day. My eyes watch at the computer wait your mail just in vain only, as there be no mail from you now to know how you are, what you have done for the day, please get attachment of your new tunes, painting, music video, pictures of good new purchases made, links to some nice website on the net, hear update on relatives about good & bad things happen to them & so on, feel delighted & anxious as the case maybe, sound same family member.


I like you to know that I fondly remember you a lot & there is not a single day without overwhelm in tears while stare at your picture feel we can never interact now in this birth, though do hope might meet one day in the chain of some future birth sometime, though may not remember our past birth connection then but I suppose that will make no difference then.


I am certain that God would have been very happy to welcome you to His divine regime & much pleased to see you back home after complete all the assign work in world for which you were sent here & left behind the memorable creations in your amazing Angelic way.



This page has been written & dedicated in high regards to my rare kind friend John Torp who has past away on 15th February 2011 for heavenly abode. He was very good composer/writer of wonderful unique tunes in Midi & Mp3, lyricist of inspiring poems & very noble mentor to me help learn intricate computer programs & kindly permitted use any of his tunes & as well gave his created wall papers for my website pages. You may visit his website to enjoy tunes composed by him.

Music now Playing "Time goes slow in the Desert"

Composed & played by John Torp

Used with Permission

Background by John Torp

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