Valuable gift

 Do you remember

Valuable gift


Many a times we seem

Unable think & decide

What to buy & present

As nice & perfect gift


For near & dear ones

Relatives, dear friend

Business associates &

Who you regard close


While some occasion

Be it small or special

Or let not any reason

But want to give gift


Just as token of love

Along affection care

Or be regard concern

Admire kind support


And when that desire

Turns out find reality

Please both the sides

As share their feeling


But this pleasure can

Heighten be heartfelt

When giving No cost

Yet priceless present


Try giving your time

As pay visits, call-up

Write mail, send sms

Or decide video chat


All these have some

Great feelings touch

Gives hearty delight

And be precious one


May give a thought

If you wish sure can

Opt for valuable gift

But choice is yours!


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Composed & Played by John Torp

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