Value of time


As the valuable saying goes & many may have heard, ‘Time & Tide wait for none’ & also none have got power to call back the moved away time which look have turn the past yesterday in the blink of the eyes.


All of us are given equal 24 hours of the day with sun rise every day like a new page permit write there whatever one has in mind do things, make amends of wrong things, plan dream vision & effort finest achieve set aim, manage matters feel feasible for self & own dear and near ones that regard as responsibility & trust duty as hold official position or sense nice way expect please dear one you care a lot.


But need remember & mind well do that ensure just in time only or will lose all the importance leave behind nothing but regrets then if once that particular time passes of be out of your hand then. The timely least thing also can be of big value & the untimely big thing also can be meaningless in life.


We all have the experience that what maybe longing for to realize as dream wish once can turn useless after a lapse of time if can’t find at that point of time & no more may want also after a stage force wait endless.


A small piece of bread is accepted when be very hungry or starving & best of the delicious dishes maybe refused when no appetite as already had the meal, sick or sad.


A little help in the form of essential support of encouraging kind words while in agony of despair, physical service when helpless due to age & condition of inability for any reason & when in need of due advice & necessary recommendation uplift life state. Also if can extend some money require in urgency of crisis & kindly give a bit favour on difficult situations, can be of great relief to the receiver feel ever grateful in life.


However nothing of that even in big dimension maybe necessary after one may have found some solution to overcome & cope own plight or happen surprise watch no more alive wish want anything from any.


But unfortunately many seem very lazy by nature idle away the precious time do nothing or just while away the time do some useless things hope let others finish the required work be at home or even in office & fret lack of any importance, recognition & due place.


And some seem simply careless about everything & whimsical like pretend very busy all the time keep postpone smallest simple thing also, think will do later on & regret the result in vain see have missed chance as nothing can be done then.


One maybe very efficient & talented nice person but got prove self make attentive deeds of merit lead fruitful success of assigned job or own initiative focus things concern self, relate own ones or let be the part of official matter & effect wonderful advantage since could  foresee upcoming time as wise.


We should never take time for granted hope do things when may please or at own ease, know yesterday already is out of hand, who has seen tomorrow may or not arise for who all can’t predict so unwise depend upon & better appreciate moments of just now, that can be utilized do whatever in mind within own power try realize dream of wish-for thing feel delight or be happy make others happy, not necessarily own related only.


May please remember even small gestures can also mean a lot at times for the concern & you too though hardly take time. A word say ‘sorry’, ‘please forgive me’ or ‘pardon me’ when may have hurt any knowingly or unknowingly can mitigate hard feels in no time. A phone call, a visit to own for few minutes, write mail & sending of greetings can please any. Likewise kind words of concern pacify yours very much at once. Also when say ‘thank you’, ‘I appreciate & value’ & a smile with regards when someone have favoured & helped you through is necessary. But be done instantly only.


Yes my friends, if you value the time, the time will value you duly bless peace, satisfaction & happiness achieve things & enjoy loving care regards from all around.



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