Voice & Sound Message


It is a perfect and easiest mode of communication without any particular language & limitations of knowing the pertinent script. It is treated as all time preferred & conveniently followed system of the universe. The best part of this handy media tool is, that it can be effectively used by all alike, irrespective of the age, cast, creed, geographical & regional location difference, and any level of literacy.


If we think & observe this wonder gift of God, it has been blessed to all living being on earth with the individual frequency level of tone, to make each one different identity & enjoy own unique possession.


It has inbuilt element of the instant recognition of the speaker which has been the common experience with all of us. That is the reason one feels immensely happy to hear a particular desired voice & get relief from anxiety and helpless feels. It also clearly exhibits the unexpressed wishes & urgency of the attention request.


It is capable of defying even words and reflects the reality of the untold state of mind & the hidden sufferings. Hence, even if the speaker tries to hide the unfavorable things, but the other concern side makes out the sound of disappointments & the likely adversity on the way by mere tone and easily over look the expressed words.  


The sound level can tell the distance & the exact side of the presence of own people for intended company, security & help wishes. On the other hand it can also inform about the arrival of the unwanted persons with whom one is uncomfortable, reluctant to interact or scared to deal with.


The definite sound system device if used only once can also be the boon for saving lives of many affected in times of crisis & emergency. The plane and the luxury liners in trouble have got only this way to send SOS message to seek help.  


The visually impaired people interact & lead their lives only by recognizing persons through their voices and successfully deal & manage requirements on their own through the different sound of the things.


Moreover, it is the only way to communicate & command the animals and birds without language. Fortunately they all recognize & follow the given instructions of their masters by the voice tone & try to go by the orders like obedient humans to serve them. 


It can suggest the on going functions in the next room of the machinery with jobs causing particular noise at different stages of the work completion & give idea of the balance operations with related time needs to the operator or the owner without personal monitoring. This amounts to saving of precious time & energy.


One particular sound, even from the distance is good enough to inform all concern about the intended message at a time. Every one is familiar & aware of the typical siren sound to report duty & end of the working hours. There are number of such examples like arrival & starting signals of the train, steamer or buses etc.


We may under mind the bliss & importance of special place and effectiveness of the Voice & Sound Message or take it for granted as nothing great about the contribution it makes, which can be realized if imagined to be missing by chance or fails to be present.



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