Walk with Time


  Walk with Time


Walk with Time


Believe be universal wise habit to live life

As we try best to walk with current time

Act think need of hour help control fine

And say less but positive convince sense


Can sound simple feel right when listen

And as long as pertain to others not self

But look hard to practice while concern

Defy ego, place, power & rough dogma


Suppose must all along live customary

And any deviation should deny at once

Also if need be refute & suppress harsh

So as compel related bow or pay price


And if succeed feel glad see big victory

As could command & prevail own say

Of judgment while feel right or wrong

Out of loving respect or bound to obey


But if may decide to think for a while

With open mind & view the due merit

Can see nothing wrong permit change

Stale old system & accept bright ideas


Amid enlightened thinking live desire

And right be happy clutch own choice

In all fairness concern anyone include

Self if can admit honestly inside heart


Actually just no question of disregard

Or any defeat if allow desired request

And support freedom fulfill own wish

As move along exist different outlook


In fact everything is subject to change

With time, situation, need & available

Prospect with evolution of innovation

Of technology & chance of betterment


We do enjoy the gain of ease & speed

Utilize new amenity leave old system 

As save undue effort & waste of time

Also satisfy look finish more & better


Then why rigid stick ages old custom

Been history but no good for present

As move along the progress of world

In socio-economic way live own want


And if may respect wishes of related

There be no clash of generation gap

As none mean interfere & hurt own

And see only harmony of good feels


Uphold peace & happiness content

And that can be increased if learn

Thing of interest talent no age bar

Amaze wonderful phase of delight


Time side just those who appear

See value how to walk with time


Music now Playing "I know why"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

Background by John Torp


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