Ways to pass the buck



  Ways to pass the buck


Ways to pass the buck



Usual tendency with many

Very fast pass off the buck

To deny any responsibility

For things result adverse


Apparent have no courage

Or humility of the honesty

Admit own share of blame

And stress accept the fault


It is but natural of human

Err & mistake sometimes

Go wrong judge the states

Of any prevailing matters


Gravity of damage effects

Could be minor to severe

Invite impact of hardship

 Be the despair of distress


Fears give the explanation

And on-set of punishments

Desire to sense face saving

And absolve responsibility


Some of ready pet answers

Extend the instant excuses


My intentions were sincere

Sad as God wasn’t with us


I am only the subordinate

Expect follow instructions


Please don’t ask me to do

Tide-up with urgent thing


I had done things perfect

But that one spoiled later


I had rely on that person

He has not finished work


I have just done nothing

Others are jealous of me


I am made the scapegoat

For deed of one powerful


Likewise countless reason

Okay few may be genuine

But the mostly try chance

As ways to ‘pass the buck’


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