We are puppets of destiny


  We are puppets of destiny


We are puppets of destiny


Maybe sound fantasy of thinking

As canít believe how that be true

Logic clear be master of own life

And can rule over dependent one


Also hold rightful rights manage

All matter be small or important

As seem have right got authority

And live the way may feel please


How can outsider aim meddling

Seem liberty try sit on judgment

Question why do things or donít

When obvious not be their affair


But the life is never be so simple

As strange reality go on come up

Basis misery feels horrible upset

And at times locate desired bless


Sometime small differences only

Be big enough spoil nice relation

Of long drawn valuable standing

In just no time cause regret soon


And at times we happen observe

Amazing mode of splendid bond

So nothing or none could upshot

Hard blow suppose split relation


Some treat each relation dealing

And think what give hope return

When faraway grasp any feeling

Also selfish ignore likely position


Whereas luckily not all likewise

And see a few so selfless & kind

Like just living Angels on earth

Be noble hearted always helpful


At times in spite of careful plan

See everything go only adverse

But sometime see things appear

Drop right way prove good luck


Similarly who we trust highest

Dare act worse than the enemy

And casual known look appear

As great support face difficulty


Many times feel pay high price

For none of own making invite

But feel great shock stop harm

And suffer in silence of anguish


All these confirm us be helpless

As hold only the illusory power

When find truth fail can justify

Pride effect the result as satisfy


And seem obey order of destiny

Play like puppets on stage here

And interact friendly or enemy

Until the string get pulled back



Music now Playing "I just wonder how"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

Background by John Torp





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