What a life anomaly


  What a life anomaly


What a life anomaly


Oh! My Dear God can you please

Explain why in your so wonderful

World things move so strange like

In lives of haves & have-nots both


Outcome unable can live pleased

As expected & desirable as much

But feel deprived & helpless only

As need forbear or look hard luck


Some are surrounded by so many

Lovingly care but felt harassment

And some people are alone in life

As got none think concern & love


Some have ample to eat & waste

Since got no value or are dieting

Or not allowed on health ground

And some have to starve be poor


Some have fountain & swim-pool

In the house as sign of rich person

And many oblige walk miles daily

Plus queue fetch few bucket water


Some so lucky have wardrobe full

Choose which outfit likes to wear

But dresses scanty term as stylish

And many lack even least to wrap


Some have so nice big apartment

But only few ones to live in there

And at other places so big family

But small place cause live cramp


Some born as blessed get chance

And facility study as much want

But have got no interest educate

And some strive if could succeed


Some powerful find any job easy

Though may fail to perform well

But competent & very deserving

Wander in search of right work


Some blessed never have to face

Any difficulty & pain of dismay

And some seem fated just suffer

As nothing destined nice as bliss


Some have everything may hope

Still not happy like own creation

And some live longing fulfill wish

But suffer in fortitude with smile


Some never live cordially & nice

With even own family & related

And few unrelated be so friendly

Exist really dear & close to heart


Some not liked ones force meet

As obligated interact regularly

But unfortunately unable meet

Desired one & wait find chance


Likewise we can see many states

Wonder logic your rule of justice

Look people effort for the reason

And at times feel happy see bless

Unaware of destined future plan



Music now Playing "Heaven bound"

Composed & played by John Torp

Used with Permission

Background by John Torp








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