What a life way



  What a life way


What a life way


My people tell me time & again

Please do this & mind well this

Also donít forget to finish this

And that thing dare you ever do


But I always fail to understand

Why I should listen to any one

And better be left live my way

Do or donít what I may please


Okay they have my well wishes

See me shape up nice & bright

Achieve something outstanding

Get some good place of honour


But none seems to side with me

And support way I want to have

As if others have right to decide

Impose things I donít care a bit


I donít wish respect any advice

Of what all are expected of me

As I want others appreciate see

What makes me live as happy


I donít like live any discipline

Or timely work schedules also

As that take away my freedom

Might do or not things & when


I am told take interest in study

But I prefer take no hard work

Why do I keep break my head

Devote time & efforts to learn


I am told to have proper meals

Also care for health & hygiene

But I like eat little now & then

And afford take easy as healthy


I am told do not waste money

On useless things & learn save

But I wish buy though no need

Can throw away later any time


I am told better decide to earn

High time remains dependent

But why do I take the trouble

When lucky have rich parents


I am told why you donít settle

Live the peaceful steady state

But why do I loose my delight

Wander & enjoy like free bird


I am warn sure regret one day

If donít change my attitudes

High time be wise & sensible

Sad bear useless old haggard

Wish quit soon & leave legacy


Music now Playing "Now its spring"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

Background by John Torp





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