What is in a Name


  What is in a Name


What is in a Name


When hear someone say that

Feel nothing big about name

Seem how nice of selfless one

Be away from material thing


And wish exist in own world

Of devoted life of helpful feel

Concern own & each related

Not expect even name credit


And we can occur hear a few

Own name is given by others

Once anyone take birth here

But must leave it here as exit


What all people say feel true

And sound logical life reality

But err undermine due place

Of huge importance play roll


And vital as indentify person

Show & relate correct entity

Behold class, stand & family

Exist in country, state & city


Act in favour as bliss to some

Avail anything of own choice

No matter deserve that right

Or unfair clutch others right


And at times be just as curse

Prove deny even least choice

Ignore right of all due talent

Have some name grudge feel


But influence of wrong pride

Chance cash on name power

Fall short get expected effect

Forever if fail live competent


And none can always happen

Succeed reject merit of right

Base on only name prejudice

In due interest of all concern


Again all believe relax faith

Call on few names of people

If want assign crucial effort

And refrain can count some


As well common experience

Feel nice sense caring name

But when relate some name

Cause only hatred & annoy


All said & done name attach

Worth of regards or distaste

As result of own deeds of life

Dwell forever even after exit



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Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

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