What may happen is good

  What may happen is good


What may happen is good


Apparently we can not believe

There be any element of truth

Think what happens for good

Trust maybe for better future


When watch nothing go right

Suffer horrible with troubles

And feel so sad face adversity

As see no logical basis upshot


Also effect worst if involve be

Own & related locate emerge

Act like enemy defy past faith

For reason just canít imagine


So the patient mind-set alone

Can help suffer the condition

And inspire view likely cause

As hope lessen hard hit effect


In fact we can never visualize

Way of invisible power above

Decide what turn can be best

In the interest of the concern


That come to light only when

The time may fall due as fate

See why unexpected happen

Also dash the hope for thing


Maybe God want teach hard

Lessons of life prepare stand

Bitter reality appear on way

Hit suddenly stun in despair


Wise analyze if be any lapse

Due to oversight but enough

Mess up find intended effect

And oblige work over again


But nothing worth frustrate

And accept efforts fell short

Feel positive try hard again

So expect be successful then


Again if find who held dear

And rest utmost confidence

Surprise be very crafty one

As pose nice but only selfish


Sure feel hurt beyond word

But maybe they were never

Meant justify live your love

So best see reality & detach


Exist peaceful without such

Awful bond of relation tags

And just delight divine bliss

Of connect above world tag



Music now Playing "There is much in life"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

Background by John Torp



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