What you think see happen


  Do you remember


What you think see happen


We may like or not to accept

But own faith likely to effect

Attain the wished-for success

Or sorry face feared failure


How easy feel that may suit

Disregard ‘law of attraction’

As invisible but great power

Influence things basis result


If you feel nothing can help

Remedy hardship of the life

Sure destined to exist suffer

Then nothing can set proper


But if think with strong will

I will rise face any situation

Place things run my control

Then see cosmic bliss assist


If you feel life look ill-fated

Curse fail do anything right

And incapable deal struggle

Then appear how hopeless


But if think life is precious

Gift of God & desire value

Each moment bless delight

Then sight life be beautiful


If you feel all wrong habits

Look caught you be addict

Still helpless exist without

Then never happen get rid


But if think will strive best

Give-up the harmful habits

Though be tough come out

Then succeed live good life


If you think today’s adverse

Terrible time can blame fate

Thus useless effort improve

Then obvious always suffer


But if determine can & will

Find some positive way out

Set right everything as wish

Then realize intend one day


The reason being right feel

Aim try hard before expect

Attract & beg cosmic vibes

Hope Guardian Angel help


Then surprise find favour

Happen satisfy as need be

Wonder how nice fortune

Perhaps see dream world



Music now Playing "My Guardian Angel"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with permission

Background "big1649.jpg"taken from




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