When emotions run high


All living beings are subjected

To the different emotion in life

In varying degrees of intensity

As reaction to state of situation


They may be felt within control

Or sweep one off their feet fully

Like tidal waves of the high sea

Affecting self & associated ones


They may be for positive feeling

Concerning self or near & dear

Or for anybody even unknown

Due to kind & nice noble nature


They may be strong negative feel

Out of anger, pride & self-esteem

Or frustration of disappointment

Prove wild & self centered mind


They are expressed in some way

Be in loud & clear express form

Or convey in silent but obvious

With touching manners of feels

Or carefully hid & suffer alone


Sensitivity to sentiments of heart

God has blessed as gift of graces

For welfare and well being of all

When felt & displayed right way


Otherwise exceeding limit cause

Undue adverse effect on concern

Harm the health of mind & body

Make hazards of many problems


Thus wise to manage emotions

Move in the sensible direction

Save & respect others feel also

Wish happiness for both sides


Music now Playing:-

"I have been lonely"

Composed & Played by John Torp


Used with Permission

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