When expect blissful moment


  When expect blissful moment


When expect blissful moment


The emotion seem run very high

As time flows near expect realize

Long for wish of ones life shortly

And fill the heart with what a joy


That just canít state in the words

But only can be felt in sentiment

Though depend on be how eager

And wait find that lovely instant


May pertain anything in the life

Look little or consider big thing

As relate self or the near & dear

But appear very vital find occur


Hence the night before that day

Hear or watch desire come true

Be awfully tensed cause anxiety

Think as watch seem stop move


And no sleep await day to arise

So the night looks go very long

But got wait so think pray God

Also get busy finish the routine


So later will be at ease & peace

Feel delight live those moments

When at last after so long await

That blissful day arise be happy


As hear get admission in school

Or college of own choice believe

Surely can enjoy added honour

As imply hold merit of capacity


Then struggle trace wishful job

And after interview restless till

Hear got selected place as want

But see strive hard attain result


And start search get the house

Also sweat avail requisite sum

But patience looks ended wait

As next day get ownership key


Now think of sensitive subject

Look for the right life partner

But when find one be anxious

Till finish rituals live together 


As well the sensitive mind feel

Care & concern for welfare of

Relative & also dependent one

And for who exist valued dear


So always wish their pleasure

Think that happen in own life

And so happy do all look best

If can help achieve wish thing


Again be a great delight of life

When may get a expected call

Or chance can meet in person

Who maybe missing a lot long


As such all the time we suffer

Concern for unknown reality

Panic may or not go in favour

As hope turn blissful moment



Music now Playing "The night is long"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

Background by John Torp



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