When God in dilemma


None may ever perhaps think even

That all powerful God too can face

The sad precarious dilemma states

While decide whose prayer to hear


Sure He would like to remain just

While treat all of His images alike

Amid view of the destined fate log

Attached while move in each birth


Think impossible to give nice bless

When not meant in fate of ones life

Hence if chanced canít get grasped

And will pass off cause regret later


Sees time may not have fallen due

To fulfill any of the Dream Desire

So all hard desperate right efforts

Unable succeed the rightful result


Irritate with behaviour of people

As only unwise, hasty & arrogant

But think possess supreme power

Move things in favour since lucky


Visions the devotee silently suffer

And pray for their longing wants

With await be fortunate get bless

Feel deprived happiness of heart


Can consider device some relief

Appreciate the sincere life ways

If desired grace wishes happens

Related to make for self content


But feels difficult when involves

And concerns the other persons

Senses absolute different wishes

This can never move same ways


Sorry save or change situation

Still view plight of the subjects

If can inspire accept own state

Or concerns pleasure coincide


Music now Playing:

"Now that I see you"

Composed & Played by John Torp


Used with Permission

Background "big1561.jpg" taken from



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